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  Welcome to the realm of Demis, a custom world built within the framework of Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition (D&D 5e) by Wizards of the Coast. This wiki serves as a comprehensive guide, offering insights into the rich history, tales, and diverse opportunities for customization and storytelling within the world of Demis. Whether you seek to embark on your own adventure or immerse yourself in the existing narratives, Demis caters to a wide range of storytelling preferences.   Within this expansive world, you'll encounter a tapestry of genres, embracing sword & sorcery, high fantasy, swashbuckling adventures, and even elements of fantasy horror. Elves, dragons, dwarves, thieves, politicians, monsters, and gods fill the vibrant landscapes of Demis. Emotions run deep, from love and fear to sorrow and joy, and every sentiment finds its place within the tapestry of this extraordinary realm.   As you delve into these pages, you'll uncover a multitude of captivating locales. Explore the bustling metropolises of Ankroth, whose grand capital city pulsates with life, or venture into the treacherous mountains of Strihia, where untold mysteries await. From the verdant forests teeming with mythical creatures to the hidden depths of ancient ruins, Demis invites both storytellers and players to carve their paths and embark on thrilling adventures.   Feel free to contribute, expand upon existing lore, or create new stories within the boundless realm of Demis. Let your imagination soar as you immerse yourself in a world ripe for exploration and epic tales.

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The Continent of Strihia
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A barren continent of frigid temperatures and survival tactics. Whipping winds cover this land in snow as it lies high in the Northern Hemisphere. Much of this continent remains untouched by civilization. Villages buried by the endless winter have been lost to the ages. Cultures that live in the furthest reaches of Strihia keep themselves hidden and isolated. This is a land of no mercy and survival of the fittest. Only the strongest and most hardened adventurers should try their luck here.
The Continent of Ankroth
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The largest and most widely settled continent, Ankroth holds most of the stories available to those who play within due to its long history and varied peoples. In the current era, country lines have already been established long ago and the exisiting cities and towns live in relative peace. Many different races and species live next to one another along trade routes and major cityscapes.   Though many cultures have established footholds in their respective regions, there is still much of the continent that remains unexplored, as well as mysteries still to be solved, and relics that have been lost to the ages.   Ankroth serves as a perfect launching point for any type of story or adventure whether it be focused on heroism, commerce, or politics. Below you will find relevant primer information about the continent and its citizens.  

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The Continent of Phezari
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These tabs will take you to the relevant information for their respective continents however some of the information pertains to Demis and its connected entities overall.   If you see this symbol in an article:     or a section formatted like this:  
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