Arbor Harbor Fisherman Union

With Arbor Harbor positioned on a piece of land that reaches into the Eastern Expanse, the addition of a port was always a part of the original plan. With the town's main purpose focused on the export of lumber, it was important that the port was large enough to handle such large resources and the ships that ferry them. When the port was established so too was the Fisherman Union.   Though the land of Newbeech is perfect for forest life, its rocky soil makes for terrible farm land. In order for the citizens of the new town to be self sustaining the founders set up a secondary dock specifically for fishing vessels. Multiple fishing companies have come up the coast and claimed some of the port for their own, but they all report to the Fisherman Union.
Guild, Professional

Fish & Mollusk Capture   Headquarters
Harbor Port Office   Hours of Operation
Before Dawn to Mid Afternoon   Current Town Reputation

Current Status

With the growth of the lumber business, came the growth of Arbor Harbor itself. More and more potential citizens and those looking for work have been making their way to the newly established town. With this influx of new workers comes an influx of new mouths to feed. The Fisherman Union has been successful in keeping the town self sustainable by being the main source of nourishment.

Cover image: Medieval city by Jungyeoll Kim