Arbor Harbor

Located within the Northern Aspect of Ankroth. It looks out East toward the The Eastern Expanse. To the West is the dense Limerick Forest. A relatively new outpost settled by the combined efforts of the people of Goldport and Mastra, Arbor Harbor has only just begun on its path to become a lumber capital for the southern countries.  


Only a small militia guards the town. No walls have been built for the town as of yet as the sea and the dense forest that surround it create a natural barrier to most trespassers. There is a small Navy contingent that makes sure the port's ships are kept safe coming in and out of port.

Industry & Trade

Lumber is Arbor Harbor's greatest export. The town was originally established with the intention to be the main location for lumber gathering for the entire eastern coast of Ankroth.


Fulfilling a Need

"In this time of continued expansion it's important to establish new sources of material. Now is the perfect time to begin our cultivation of the lands to the north!"

— Theldan Grayflight

In the year 3395 AF, the roving clans of the Swiyyan forests began to express their concerns with how quickly their homelands were being stripped clean of lumber. The people of the southern forests depend on the game and cover provided to them by the large swaths of trees that cover their country.
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3398 AF
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This being a time of relative prosperity, lumber was in high demand and the idea of cutting short the processing of such a major resource would cause incredible roadblocks to the expansion and growth of many major civilizations throughout Ankroth. In an effort to continue the progress as well as help protect the lands that were being stripped of their main resource, the various trade guilds of the lands decided it was time to find some new sources.
  The leader of the Expanse Sailors Company at the time, Theldan Grayflight, expressed interest in the northern countries as he has sailed their coasts for years and never saw the reason why such incredible resources have never been tapped. When coming up with a new focus for lumber generation Theldan had one specific landfall in mind, Newbeech.
  After striking some contracts with the Lumber Unions in both Mastra and Goldport, Theldan began the process of recruiting laborers and families to begin the creation of a new settlement, Arbor Harbor.

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