The most prominent port city on the Enduring Sea, Shidon was considered an influential power even before the time of the Masters. Built by travelers and adventurers exploring the more open and uninhabited Northwest of Ankroth, Shidon has always been made up of an incredibly diverse citizenship.


Human, Halfling, Gnome, Tiefling, Kenku, Dragonborn, some Elves, some Dwarves, some Half-Breeds


Representative group with members sent from each borough. Was a long standing monarchy that was weened out as the Masters rose to power. Known as the Shidonian Parliament.


The grand outer walls stand roughly 40 feet tall and are around 20 feet wide. Their grey color stand out against the green of the fields they are above. The inner walls though thinner still stand at 40 feet. Both sets of walls are patrolled by the city guard day and night. Large pyres are set near the various turrets to use as a warning system if intruders were to come to the walls.


Watermills line the river that passes through the center of the city. A channel was built from stone to direct the river to the sea. Bridges are built along the river for the two halves of the city to cross to the other. The inner and outer walls both have grated openings for the water to pass through.

Guilds and Factions

  1. l'Heritage du Aigle - Bard's College


Built on the Western coast of Ankroth in the country of Clor Shain, Shidon sits on the coast of the Enduring Sea. Cutting through the middle of the city is the Learaine River.
Large city
approx. 24000
Inhabitant Demonym
Owning Organization
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The Boroughs of Shidon:

  1. Northern Dock Ward
  2. Southern Dock Ward
  3. Brightscepter's District
  4. The Crag
  5. Artisan's Pass
  6. River District
  7. Feyfair
  8. Merchant's District
  9. Lanrick Circle
  10. Highring
  11. Highlamp
  12. Queenscourt Borough
  13. Scholar's Farthing

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