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Savvy Manifold

Written by Mels

The Manifold Mistress Savvy Gale Remirken (a.k.a. Avvygale)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Lithe and agile, Savvy maintains superb physical condition in order to appropriately navigate her ships and lead her crew. Savvy has thick, strong legs with a long and slim torso.

Body Features

Two large horns curve up and out to the side of her head from the brow bone, ending pointing forward beside her long pointed ears. Savvy also has a long tail with several spikes at the base and tip.

Facial Features

Scar running from the cheek, across the corner of the mouth ending on chin. Strong nose bridge.

Identifying Characteristics

Bright yellow skin, horns and tail.

Special abilities

Swashbuckler Class

Apparel & Accessories

Long, maroon, short-sleeved jacket with two long diamond-shaped tails. Flowing white blouse with voluminous bell sleeves, cinched with a dark brown corset. Tight, dark pants tucked into thick, black boots. Symbol of the Manifold Mistress on necklace.

Specialized Equipment

Matching jeweled and enchanted swords, one with yellow gems and one with blue.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born into a loving family in the prosperous city of Elys, Savvy was raised under the best care with all her needs met and then some. Her parents and servants loved her and Savvy had no trouble getting along in the diverse city, despite her rare skin tone. However, despite having all the love and nurturing she could desire, there was something about growing beneath the shadow of The Iron Steeple that Savvy never got used to. Despite her undisclosed distaste for the pillar of justice in her town, Savvy grew surrounded by family, eventually meeting the man she came to view as her best friend and soulmate Eddergorn Azureforge. Savvy was outwardly happy, but inside, she roiled with dissatisfaction, an unrelenting itch that her seemingly perfect life could not seem to reach. It is for this reason that Savvy left, disappeared with the only trace of her intended escape from monotony being a brief note to her loving husband.
"Don't come after me." -Avvygale

Gender Identity

Cis Female




After abandoning her family and home, Savvy escaped to eventually find respite among The Manifold Marauders where she quickly amassed a large following and eventually rose enough in the ranks to challenge and defeat the reigning Manifold Mistress, claiming the title for herself. Since her rise to the head of the pirate fleet, the gang has seen the greatest success and riches that they have had in decades.

Mental Trauma

Savvy still regrets the way she left things with Eddergorn and thus does her best to avoid Elys and refuses to take on a new partner, feeling her heart still belongs to her estranged husband.

Intellectual Characteristics

Sharp of wit, highly perceptive and capable of profound manipulation by any means necessary.


Contacts & Relations

Holds several contacts in most of the port cities.

Family Ties

Emancipated from Remirken family Ex-Wife of Eddergorn Azureforge

Social Aptitude

Highly charismatic, has no trouble rallying and motivating her crew, will go out of her way to personally welcome new recruits and train with any crewmates. Can be overly blunt or rude.


Often picks and bites at her nails, plays with hair when thinking.

Hobbies & Pets

Swordplay, gambling, writing, yoga


Tends to speak with a sharp quickness, in flowing dialect reminiscent of a Dwarven accent, very rarely swears.


Eddergorn Azureforge

Ex-Husband (Vital)

Towards Savvy Manifold


Savvy Manifold

Ex-Wife (Important)

Towards Eddergorn Azureforge


Nicknames & Petnames

Avvygale & Eddyblue

Wealth & Financial state

Holds many assets in the form of purloined coin and goods from fleet raids, affords herself most any luxury she desires.
Chaotic Neutral
Current Location
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Date of Birth
5th of Reyneth
Year of Birth
3436 AF 32 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Much desired by birth parents
Eddergorn Azureforge (Ex-Husband)
Current Residence
Mizzentide Isle
Dark Red
Silvery White, Curly and Voluminous
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Goldenrod Yellow
170 lbs
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Celestial, Dwarvish, Thieves Cant


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