The Arbor Harbor Lumber Union

When new towns are being established it is often the outcasts and runaways who jump at the chance to make a name for themselves somewhere different from their origin. For Arbor Harbor the need for manual labor far outweighed the want to try and hand select citizens for this new port town. With the main focus being lumber gathering it was important to set a hierarchy in place for the vast amount of workers that would be arriving. The Lumber Union was established well before the first ship of new citizens arrived.
  Since the founding of the town, the Arbor Harbor Lumber Union has held a position of great influence as it is the main source of employment to most of the new arrivals as well as established citizens of Arbor Harbor.
Guild, Craftsmen

Lumber Collection and Export   Headquarters
Lumber Union Mead Hall   Hours of Operation
Dawn until late afternoon   Current Town Reputation

Current Status

The lumber business has been treating Arbor Harbor well. Since its initial creation, the Lumber Union has continued to meet and in some cases exceed the expectations held by their sponsoring companies. Due to their success, the Union has seen an increase in recruits coming up the coast looking for work. Due to the influx of new workers and the money that comes along with this success, the town of Arbor Harbor as a whole has the union to thank for its continued growth.

Cover image: Medieval city by Jungyeoll Kim