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The Iron Steeple

Written by Mels

Purpose / Function

The intention behind the founding of the Iron Steeple was to create a guiding beacon for judiciary decisions throughout the continent of Ankroth and provide a common location for the most heinous of criminals to be held and judged.

Special Properties

Beneath the surface levels of the judgement halls lie the mazelike halls of the subterranean dungeon where prisoners awaiting trial and those considered the most dangerous of criminals are held under the watchful eyes of the guard.


Expansions of the Iron Steeple have been primarily underground to increase the number of holding cells as well as provide ample space to house more dangerous criminals within the halls. Due to the nature of these alterations, it is difficult to know how far the subterranean dungeon expands by looking at the exterior.


A structure of many ivory halls crowned with a towering spire which serves as a beacon to the city of Elys where it resides.


After the Formation, Masters Reverence and Song both acknowledged that a judicial system must be established to determine right and wrong and guide the people towards peace and justice. For this reason, the pair of tieflings set to establishing what came to be known as The Iron Steeple, a courthouse with several levels of containment cells beneath the surface layers of court rooms and judging chambers. Recognizing that having direct influence on political dealings on the continent would be a gross conflict of interest, the Masters elected to appoint a court of judiciaries to helm the Steeple which became aptly known as The Iron Court.


Citizens are welcome to attend court proceedings and many members of The Iron Court will take on pupils to mentor in the ways of upholding the law.
Founding Date
34 AF
Alternative Names
Tower of Irons
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank

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