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The Tribunal of Divine Authority

The Tribunal of Divine Authority was the oligarchic organization that once oversaw the rule of the demigods over the Churning World. It has long been a dead organization after the war between the demigods over three hundred years ago, though many of its regulations are still culturally enforced among the demigods to this day.   It was overseen by three individual demigods. One of gold feathers, one of orange, and one of red. Children of the gods of knowledge, law, and war respectively. These three were put in power through a combination of their birth, the respect they had among their fellow demigods, and a vote cast amongst members of the demigod senate.   The senate itself was made up of twelve demigods in total who were originally the first twelve demigods formed by the gods to watch over the Churning World. After that new members were selected to replace the old by the tribunal itself. Even as the number of demigods grew from the original twelve into the hundreds the number of senators never increased which in turn fostered resentment among the other demigods. Particularly those born of the god of war who began to see their use as a formal military to serve the senate’s ends as beneath their divine station. After all, why should the child of a god take orders from one who is at best their equal in divinity?   The tribunal ruled for many centuries before being destroyed by the war between the demigods that resulted in the current status-quo where each demigod is their own master with only a general sense of honor and tradition keeping them mostly civil.   In practice the senate would bring up items of importance or write new laws to attempt to be passed through legislature. They would then debate back and forth on whether to pass a new law or cast a ruling over a specific matter then settle it in a popular vote. It was the tribunal’s job to oversee the process and make their own judgment, ideally based on what was said during the debates, on whether or not they were to approve the vote. Even if the senate had a unanimous agreement it was possible for the tribunal to overrule it and deny the senate’s decision. This, in practice, gave the tribunal significant authority and meant the senators only had the opportunity to sway the tribunal to their side, not make law on their own.   This only added fuel to the resentment toward the tribunal and lead to its eventual downfall.


The Tribunal had a special military force composed entirely of demigods with red feathers. The red feathers were and still are believed to mark a demigod as descending from the god of war Zoxitezati. All demigods born with red feathers were trained from birth to serve as enforcers of the tribunal’s will. Each one was given a weapon of the gods and wore bright red feathered cloaks to signify their status.   Full squads were never necessary due to the incredible power the demigods wielded. Instead they were paired off early on and trained to work in groups of two. A duo of war demigods were sufficient for any threat the tribunal might need to put down and allowed the fairly small force of only about thirty or so demigods to still exert significant influence over the vast territories of the Churning World when coupled with the teleporting powers demigods have access to through the gods’ old facilities.
Governmental, Senate/Parliament
Government System

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