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People of the Eight

There is the Eight-sided Library, and there are the People of the Eight, those who live and work and serve the purposes of the Library.   Over the centuries there are many people outside the Library that know about it, but only those who serve therein understand it well - perhaps. The People serve inside and outside of the Library, they maintain order, acquire materials, study everything, draw in apparently random bits of information and make a judicious determination regarding events in the world. If the need is pressing, some form of interference, or intervention will be undertaken, so that peoples and history will not be lost in darkness. This level of action is very rare, the Librarians may desire to affect an outcome, but are bound to allow humanity the right to choose their own fate.    Who makes that call? Ultimately it belongs to the Chie, the head. She or he will usually counsel with as many of the People as possible, and with selected members of the Friends. Some may consider the People of the Eight to be both all-knowing and always right, but that is far from the truth. There is much grief within the organization for wrong choices over the centuries.


Chie - Oversees those who work in the Library. 
Searc - Determines what the library should acquire, and how to acquire it.
Catal - Receives what the Searc acquires and creates the means for others to locate and use said material.
Resea - Studies what has been acquired, connects the dots between many disparate sources and determines the best truth to be found. Requests other items to the Searc
Provid - Uses the work of all the rest to answer the pressing questions that come to the Library. Requests the acquisition of additional resources for the Searc.
Page - Does much of the legwork within the library. Looks up, retrieves and delivers books. Occasionally will accompany more senior staff on assignment outside the library.   With the exception of the page, each of these ranks have others serving with them, forming organizational units for efficiency. There is a lot of crossover, no unit works in isolation and members of each group are often found working together both inside and outside of the Library proper. These titles are mostly for the benefit of those outside the organization.


It might be said that the The Eight-Sided Library is one of the assets, but it can be just as accurately stated that the People are the assets of the Library.


The Library and its People are known from the earliest records humanity has preserved. How much before the knowledge of the written word these people and this place existed is unknown.
Founding Date
Educational, Library
Alternative Names
POE, The Librarians


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