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At the footsteps of the valley leading into the Golemstride, a Algar cast his eyes northeast to the edge of the mountains that concealed the Folding Ruin. Forcing his blade into the ground, he ordered the clerics to sanctify the ground as a protection from the darkness that creeps slowly across the land. Though their number was few, the members of the Nehlennia built a stronghold to protect the settlements of Lestin and Grys. In time, there was a magnificent bridge erected that crossed the expanse of the Crystal Lake, whose waters sustained Nehlennia and opened trade with the settlements. As Nehlennia grew, the name of their order expanded. It is rumored that a purifying essence, the embodiment of Nehlennia, dwells within the waters.   In time, vile monsters, aberrations of the world, extended their reach beyond their territories. They came to the borders of Nehlennia and the great power of the order were manifested. Thousands of creatures fell at the gates while the defender's could not continue their efforts. Unanswered calls to Isfa meant the destruction of the Nehlennia and surely Lestin and Grys. But, Algar called upon the Gods to banish the entities that intruded in this territory. A sweeping rain of crystalline glass descended upon the horde. As Algar knelt bloodied and unkempt, he vowed an oath against the Empire of Isfa. An oath of enmity with those people. Those seeking a respite from the shade of a watching eye descended to Nehlennia. Crossing the Golemstride, the territory established a domain independent from the Empire.   Generations have passed as the memories of Nehlennia was covered with the people who built a great city. But within Praetorium Mustanir, the heart of Nehlennia, secret meetings are held. These meetings discuss the movements of the Empire to their East and continue their watch to the North. While the mountain valley is a magestic and wondrous site, all know of the contempt that valley holds to those in the East.
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