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The Dragon Monarchy

Hundreds of years ago, the continent of Kaitstud was ruled by the dragons. Queen Soovi was the head of the family and she ruled with the support of her brother Keert. She ruled as the sole arbitrator and administer of justice. There was no appeal and no one dared go against her say.
  She was a militant queen, travelling over the continent putting down uprisings and ensuring that her rule was followed. She also kept them safe from invaders from across the seas.
  Her power was manifested through a solid crystal sceptre that she always carried with her.

The overthrow of the dragons

  After her second clutch hatched, Soovi's brother became unstable. He was a danger to the other dragons and also to the humans under their rule. Soovi had to enlist help from the humans in order to capture her brother. But by doing so she revealed to the humans how to capture, and kill, the dragons.
  The humans then turned on the dragons and Soovi and her sons from her first clutch were slaughtered. Her two daughters and her son from her second clutch hid in the mountains where the humans couldn't follow.
  Twenty-five years later, Loviise, the eldest daughter remaining, returned to the human regions in order to find a man to father her clutch. She was betrayed by the man she chose, and she, her half-brother, and her two newborn dragons were killed.

The beginning of the shifter clans

  During the twenty-five years between these two atrocities there was chaos in the land. Different areas were ruled by different groups and travel was almost impossible. One power-hungry magician developed a dark magi, which they used to create the first shifters. These four groups then agreed to split the continent between them and now Kaitstud is ruled by the four shifter clans.

Current view of dragons

  Now that the rule of the four clans is embedded across Kaitstud most clan members are happy with the current system. WHhle the humans look back to the rule of the dragons as a golden time, when all non dragons were considered equally.
Court, Royal

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