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Order Against the Unnatural

Stand united against magic

The Order Against the Unnatural, also known as the OAU, is a political organisation that advocates very strongly against magic users. This organisation has been around for hundreds of years and the number of members fluctuates strongly.   Usually, the member numbers rise significantly whenever someone with magic is suspected of having caused something bad. The people of Dysvoll have, through the OAU's propaganda, become very prone to blame Spell-casters for most unfortunate events.  
We here at the OAU believe that we are doing an important piece of work, protecting you, the average citizen, from malicious magic users.   It is unnatural for humans to be able to utilize magic, and those who reach out to the fae to get a mark have ill intentions against us all.
— Leader of the OUA

Influence for years

The OUA gained influence slowly, at first, most people didn't care about most magic users and only condemned those who were proved to have done something malicious with their power. However, with much well-framed propaganda over the years, a general untrust was sowed in the public and most were at least a bit sceptical of their magic using neighbours.  

Actual Change

The first big testament to the change the OUA brought to Dysvoll, was The Week of Terrors. This event saw many Spell-casters arrested, beaten and even killed.   Furthermore, their political activism led to the creation of the Spell-Caster Identification Card, a document that all magic users have to have. If you are discovered doing magic and you do not have one, you face grave consequences. This is a tactic to track all magic users and make sure they aren't a threat, and if they are, then it's easier to exterminate them.
Political, Activist
Alternative Names

Spell-Caster Identification Card
Document | May 31, 2021

A type of ID which is mandatory for spell-casters to have.

The OUA is not something I think about often, but of course, I know who they are and what they stand for.   I mean, these opinions are pretty much shared by all of us. None of these unnatural people who use magic belongs in our communities. They make it unsafe for us and our children.
— citizen of Hanalund

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