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The B'omarrin Kashar

The B'omarrin Kashar was a group rebelling against the Tílunuren crown, formed in the Third Age by Akärof, member of the King Kalkork's court. In 1003 TA, the throne should have gone to Akärof, but he was discarded in favour of Kalkork, his younger brother. In 1046, Akärof killed his brother, but was forced to flee into the Lövori Mountains by members of Kasuri Athändr. Over the years, he gathered around him those loyal to him and his cause. They built the great fortress, Karazhim, and dwelt in it for years, continually harassing Tílunur to the west. In 1050, they made an alliance with the Kahsin Torach Union, a group of black market merchants. They offered the guild protection in return for reduced prices.   There were Five Shadow Wars in which the B'omarrin Kashar clashed with the Tílunuren forces. The years of these wars were 1186, 1252, 2084, 2728, and 2765.   The First Shadow War occured in 1186, when Queen Derrita led a major offensive against the rebel group, driving them into the South. The queen was killed in the final battle, and she passed on her rule to her son, Regimal II. His rule began an era of peace, which was broken in 1252.   The B'omarrin Kashar returned, pillaging and burning, crops, towns, people. When they estimated Tílunur was sufficiently weakened, they invaded, but were driven off by Queen Anamí I. The fighting with the B'omarrin Kashar continued sporadically, sometimes active, sometimes dormant. Finally, Tílunur managed to successfully hold the rebels at bay while living peacefully.   In 2084, the B'omarrin Kashar invaded again from the South and East, getting as far as Xankadar before they were repulsed by King Fílnûr. Once the rebels were subdued, the king returned to the castle and appointed 'rat-catchers', nobles who were tasked with hunting down the fleeing remnants of the rebellion and crushing them. However, years of waiting had given the B'omarrin Kashar deep pockets, and many of these officials were corrupted.   Tílunur basked in the false victory, thinking that the B'omarrin Kashar had finally been destroyed. However, in 2728, the rebels invaded for a fourth time, killing many people and burning several villages to the ground. By the time Teranik II drove them back to their mountain stronghold, the Premier Swordsman of the kingdom, Eryk Swiftsword, was dead, as well as many others.   In the Final Shadow War in 2765, Korv, the leader of the B'omarrin Kashar, was killed by Ralthyr, and the rebellion was finally crushed. However, King Teranik II died, passing the throne to his son, Arnmor, and Ralthyr disappeared.
Illicit, Rebel
Notable Members

Under a Defence Treaty


Gu B'omarrin Kashar offers protection for the Kahsin Torach, in return for reduced trade prices.

At War

The B'omarrin Kashar rebelled against Tílunuren rule, and are unofficially considered the greatest threat to the kingdom.

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