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This powerful underground organization controls Verglas and has ties in many other locations around the world. Strategically placed agents allow the Syndicate to obtain inside information easily keeping the upper hand in foreign matters.   Many of the members are paid to work however, there's significant pressure to maintain secrecy and to obey orders without question. Agents will investigate all rumors of strange incidents and objects. Once the organization receives a positive confirmation they will send every resource needed to secure the item or location. Elimination of witnesses is authorized if they pose a threat to any ongoing operations.


The boss has final say in all matters although most of the work is done by the underboss acting as the face of the organization.
  • Accountants are sworn to secrecy on penalty of death, paid exceptionally well, and take an advisory role.
  • Regional executives make decisions for their assigned area and report back to the underboss.
  • Agents carry out assignments and make reports to their executive.
  • Grunts are hired workers not part of the Syndicate


The Syndicate has the largest collection of magical and other worldly artifacts in Fractus. It also has significant income from smuggling and Night Market protection cuts.


Founded as the Seekers of Fortune strange finds by the treasure hunters led to them gaining enhanced strength and magical abilities. Recognizing the changes done to themselves, members slowly eliminated each other until only Russ was left. Taking over Russ restructured the guild moving it into the shadows and out of the public eye. The effects of the strange items on Russ forced it to hide itself from even the Syndicate, appointing Silver to act as its face.

The Dark Holds Many Secrets

Illicit, Syndicate
Predecessor Organization
Controlled Territories
Notable Members


Due to opposing views of the world, both organizations work against each other.

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