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Blood Mages Guild


After the War of New Magic, blood mages were considered to be criminals. Because of this, all of the blood mages joined together into the Blood Mages Guild. This guild decided that, since they were already criminals, they would use their magic for crime. As time went on, the guild became more bloodthirsty and deadly. Many of the guild members would train and hone their magic for assassination and battle. Soon, the guild became less crime to show a point and more terrorism out of spite. At one point, an entire battalion of blood mages stormed castle of the king of Corrinth, which was Bertholemue III at the time. The blood mages almost got to Bertholemue, but were stopped by the king's archmage. The members who left after this were granted safety by the country Karaxxis. Blood magic is legal in most countries, but Karaxxis is the most lax with it. Blood magic is illegal in only Corinth. Adventurers are allowed to use blood magic in Corinth.


The Blood Mages Guild was paid by all the countries to stop their terrorism, and now they only do small jobs that can be bought by anyone with the gold to spend.
There are four levels, and three categories.
Blood Mage Novice Spy Novice Novice Bruiser
Blood Mage Spy Bruiser
Blood Mage Master Assassin Bodyguard
Council Member Infiltrator Council Bodyguard
Each level has about the same clearance to look at information, but the council can choose information to only be seen by them and specific other members. Often, council members allow their bodyguards to know council information.
The blood mage masters teach blood mage novices and handle day-to-day administration. Assassins train spy novices while not on missions, and the same goes for bodyguards while not protecting anyone.
Public Agenda
The Blood Mage Guild seems to be greedy and mostly just wants money. When any blood mage is majorly disrespected, however, the guild makes sure the party doing the disrespect is paid back at least threefold.

"We were hated, but now we are feared"

Alternate Names
Blood Spillers, Crimson Cartel
Illicit, Terrorist group

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