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Cadrial Empire

We have stood through many things: wars, plagues, droughts; we will stand through Zhaliya.
— Nalmis, last sovereign of the Cadrial Empire before the War for Zhaliya
The Cadrial Empire was the last world power, succeeded by the sovereignty that caused its downfall, Zhaliya. Despite the numerous misfortunes that befell the empire over the years, the empire was able to grow and thrive until it clashed with Zhaliya.


The Empire was ruled by a sovereign and a council of delegates from each province of the empire. There are two delegates from each providence, elected every four years. Every adult citizen of a province can vote. There is no set time frame for when a conquered region is made into a providence and can elect delegates to the council, it's usually as soon as the territory has no more major rebellious activity in it. Each providence is governed by a noble family and each conquered territory is governed by a government official, often military personnel.


Even from its humble beginnings, the Cadrial Empire was home to a variety of ethnicities, including most notably the Cadrians which the empire was named after. The Cadrial Empire promoted the ideals of friendly competition, militarism, and perseverance throughout its borders. All ethnicities that were part of the empire have some traits that trace back to their shared history under the empire.


The Cadrial Empire started as just one of many small sovereignties formed by subjects of the Suha Sovereignty sovereignty as it dwindled in power. At first the Cadrial Sovereignty as it was then known was content with what it had. Then a drought swept through the sovereignty, the residents and government were desperate and so turned to conquest of other lands not plagued by drought. The military campaign was a great success and even after the drought had lifted the sovereign of the time continued to push military prowess and expansion. Her successors also pushed militarism and soon it was ingrained in Cadrialian culture and the sovereignty became an empire. Despite the numerous other disasters that have plagued the empire, through strong leadership and setting the empire to work on a single goal or solution, often a martial one, the Cadrial Empire has thrived.


After it's defeat in the War for Zhaliya, the Cadrial Empire was greatly weakened. It had lost most of its territory, the populace was greatly angered by the loss, and only one member of the royal family survived. Less than a year after the war, one of the empire's best generals preformed a coup and renamed the sovereignty to New Cadrial, signifying the death of the empire. The empire still lives on in New Cadrial although its successor is plagued by great instability and an uncertain future.


The military is largely made up of conscripted soldiers although the empire's frequent wars and emphasis on martial ability allow even conscripts to gain significant combat experience and skill. Professional soldiers are held in high esteem both outside of the army and inside of it. All Cadrialians are expected to serve in the military at least once and even unprofessional soldiers discuss how many and what specific campaigns they've participated in proudly.

Foreign Relations

The empire often had strained relations with its neighbors due to its expansionist policies. It had particularly bad relations with Zhaliya because of the threat that it represented to the Cadrial Empire. These hostile relations would lead the two sovereignties to war and bring about the fall of the empire.

Agriculture & Industry

Farming and fishing were both major food sources for the empire in its height. Metal workers, armour makers, weapon makers, textile creators, and cosmetics makers were all popular types of artisans.

306 UE - 134 AE

Geopolitical, Empire
Successor Organizations
mutual obligations (only in small communities), credit, trade goods or goods with a set value (only in larger communities)
Legislative Body
the council of delegates
Judicial Body
the sovereign
Executive Body
the sovereign
Official State Religion
Related Professions
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities

hostile or at war

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