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Druids of Vierda

"The Skies and the heavens have struck us low. all our folk are dying, the uncountable souls sent to soon to meet their ancestors and the great spirits of Glir'drah and beyond. The realm! She cries out as we do, Vierda is scared, bruised, bloodied beyond mortal repair. The Foul Gods did this to us! We have soaked them in our hearts blood and sweat and tears, for what? to die and cast our world adrift in the cold.... No more.... We say no more, if we are to survive we must be Heathens to ways of the past. To secure our future!"
-From The lips of Ethda The Verdant, 14 EL
The Spiritual and cultural heart of Modern Vierdian society. They are the authors and arbiters of the Heathen laws. And the only legal religious voice found cross the isles, The Druids are a central pillar of Post-Fathnornacht life for the past six centuries.   True masters of mythical arts, They are accomplished naturalist, alchemists and nature based practitioner of magic. They are the wardens of the land, sea and skies. They are as diverse in their forms and traditions as there are creature that this realm. Truly no two Druid circles are alike. each focusing on a different aspect or rituals. This of course has lead to many different interpretations of their duty to Vierda and the folk who trod upon it.


Each Circle can structure their community to there own liking but most Druid sects follow similar paths. The circle is usually lead by a single leader appointed by senior members of the order. That Person is given a title, each unique to circle for which they lead. For instance the Head druid of The Children of Williowwail, is Vree The Sorrowful. While on Strigg, The Bleakstone council Is watched over by Balsun The Shepherd. Then there are some groups that have no such leader and instead govern through counsels.  
Within most circles are a distained but necessary faction of druids. They are known as the clanging Ones, The Smelters of Sin, but most often of all as the Iron Druids. Bedeck in blackened metal, They are the dark horse of every given order.   These folk are treated with scorn and reviled by their betters for daring to meddle in metal. They are needed Regardless, as the only one who know how to properly forge The legendary fragments of divinity, the material known as Glamourous.   what little has been worked has created weapons of peerless quality. These black robed druids also know the secrets of Cold Iron the most effective metal against the growing threat of the Fae in these dark times. Iron druid continue to be stigmatized but are nevertheless invaluable to the circle and the folk they serve.
"They are monstrous and damned for certain. I see no place for them among the higher spirits. But I pity them most of all, they are a necessary evil so that our future might be secured but for me to ever consider them anything but doomed siblings of the wilds is too much for me."
- An Unnamed Disciple of The Bleakstone Council


The Druids of This realm are profoundly dedicated to the preservation and stewardship of these three guiding principles. The praising of the spirits, to placate and tend to them. As they act as the embodiment of our worlds greatest features and phenomena. The second is The shepherding of the flora and fauna of Vierda, especially in the chilly air of this ever colder place we now inhabit.   Thirdly the druids seek to remember all folks that have already pasted. To guide the dead to meet there ancestors and eventually to return to the land itself, and give it new life in the process. This final task The druids of Vierda take with the most dower of seriousness, many of there kind feel like they have failed in the aftermath of Fathnornacht as so many lives were lost in that tempest and their stores along with it.   Now the druids look to the future to guide what remains of there flock, to give them new guidance in this godless age under the eye of the Heathen laws they themselves devised.
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