Blood Red Roses

As long as someone wants someone else dead we'll stay strong.

Assassins have existed for many millennia, and sometimes they band together, but few manage to stay organized for as long as the Blood Red Roses.

They try to stay out of the public's eye, manipulating towns, farms and kingdoms with the grim use of death. Each member specializes in how they kill, with Penora being the most infamous, using her appeal to get close to targets.


The structure is very flat, with no more than two or three superiors at any given time. Most decisions are democratically determined, at least on the day to day basis. Significant dcisions are made when the most senior members meet up.

If there are no other members nearby it is that persons duty to represent the Blood red Roses as best they can. If there are a small number of members in one place, generally less than 20, the most senior member has the final say.

If there are many members in the area a few of them are elected to take care of administrative duties and to settle any disputes.


Most people are allowed to be targets, with two exceptions:

  • Fellow members of the organization
  • Children

Killing an exception is pretty much a death sentence. However, members often fake a kill on an exception in order to get paid. Children who are being targeted are taken under the protection of the organization, either raised as one of their own, or just transferred to a safer place where they can grow up.

Public Agenda

For the right price most people can be killed. As such kings and other royalty are not seldom the targets. Because killing the ones in charge can have a large impact on the region any such contracts have to be evaluated among multiple members. This discussion also helps to determine who would be suitable for it and who can take part to help out.


There are a few safe houses in the larger towns, but generally the amount of permanent tangable assets is low. Instead the members focus on intangible assets. These are commonly knowledge about who sells good weapons or poisons, who can be pressured into action, who can be bribed and where there are safe places to hide.


The origin is very muddy, with some claiming it started as a small band of murderous misfits, while others say it grew out of a spy network. Either way, it is currently not affiliated with any political organizations.

Beware the blood red roses thorn

Guild, Assassins
Alternative Names
Blood roses
Notable Members


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