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The Boreal Architects (Thuh BOE-ree-uhl AAR-kuh-tekts)

The Boreal Architects are beings of legend. They are mages who formed a collective many years ago, some say as far back as The Dreaming. In a sense, they celebrated diversity long before anyone else did, but given their emphasis on the practical, it's more likely that they simply each recognized the talent and potential of the others.

Today, there are always nine Designers, the title of the most honored architects, at any given time. Inveterate architects beneath them in rank are the Planners, next are Builders, and the initiates are known as Undertakers (for undertaking tasks). When it began, there were just three mages: A dark elf woman, a human man, and an ambiguous figure known only as Niebla. There are now chapters in most of the major cities of Maka-Tir-Zhon, Enthion's large, northern continent and home to many sapient species. In some cases, The Boreal Architects are the only game in town, but depending on the political landscape, they may be one guild of several or they may be outlawed, though the latter usually doesn't stop them from holding meetings.

In the broadest sense, they are seen as a force for good, though they often break laws and some members have controversial histories. Of the original three, only Taneira N'Lann, the female dark elf master of geomancy, is seen with any regularity. The human, Loakar (low-KAAR) Brennan, an elementalist with a penchant for burning things (particularly useful in the cold lands he hails from), is seen on occasion. The modern bylaws require all members to report in annually, but the founders are largely exempt. Niebla has not been seen in many years, but Taneira continually vouches for him and reportedly stays in touch with him. This is doubted in some circles, as some see it as a ploy to avoid a power struggle with Loakar or to keep a vacant position from being filled at the top. Loakar has successfully kept her from voting on 
Niebla's behalf, though she did that for several years before it was challenged. It is expected that any time now, the position will be considered vacant and mages will move up the ranks unless Niebla makes an appearance for the first time in an age.

The Boreal Architects have been associated with some global phenomena, and are credited with stopping an extra-planar invasion, taking down some massive, undead experiment in the southern wastes, and serving a demigod as an elite force during the War of the Dream Snakes, among other notable accomplishments. In regions where the guild is permitted, their emblem...a white spruce with snow-laden branches...hangs on two banners, one to each side of the guildhall's main door.

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