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The Divergent and Chaotic

There have been many organizations, or groups that have become Divergent. And, they have all been disbanded by the Will of the Devouring Mother as manifest through the Paragons, but the Outcasts have persevered. 
They are legendary as they have survived for tens of thousands of years. Scholars and experts have argued whether or not for all of these thousands of years the Outcasts has been one organization, a series of organizations who have taken the name of Outcast, or combination. The history is complicated and unclear.

Outcasts are the monsters in the night that parents use to keep children in line. Outcasts are who communities blame for ill fortune and twists of luck. If it isn't lawful and Her Will, then it was the Outcasts; most likely. And, almost everyone knows someone who says they know someone who saw an Outcast.
"It's true I say. I knows my uncle good. He don't be wrong about things like this. An, he say's that Jerik, saw one of them Outcasts late at night creeping around the windmill all evil and stuff. Outcasts gone an' done messed up the guide shaft... them don't just sheer off on their own."
Mo'rmanoa, Human Zèb kifèhressa Farmer.


The Outcasts are mysterious. Any member of the group is immediately placed into the custody of the Paragons. All that is needed for a citizen to know is that should a member of the Outcasts make themselves known, they are to be polite, attempt to leave the area and report the Outcast to the authorities.

Public Agenda

The agenda of the Outcasts and their supports is to create choas, suffering and the devolution of civilization. Their motto completely captures the spirit of their intentions. Outcasts wish to destroy everything that the Devouring Mother as created. All of civilization as it now is.
They are publicly reviled and any citizen knows that helping, harbouring or knowingly turning away from a known Outcast is an affront to Her Will which the Paragons do not tolerate.


Unknown. As much as the forces of Her Will have attempted to determine the source, strength and disposition of the Outcast organization, the Outcasts seem to have a very inconsistent ability to field assets. 
There have been many historical events of terroism and destruction through the 57000 years of the Realm that the Outcasts have been responsible for. So, at points the Outcasts have had sufficient assets to disrupt and harm the glory of Her Will.


The Outcasts are active throughout the Realm. They tend to be more active in larger centres of civilization.

Divine Origins

It is known that the Outcasts began when a group of Divergent Ee-Loque users decided that they did not want to join the glorious ranks of the Paragons. 
They determined that their wisdom and understanding of Ee-Loque surpassed that of the Paragons, and more directly the Devouring Mother.
This core group of Divergents kept their abilities hidden and eventually managed to change their identities. Who they originally where has been lost in history.
It is known that there were 4 original founders of the Outcasts.

A Druid.
A Sorcerer.
A Cleric.
A Ranger.


All Outcasts are chaotic and evil. They are a horrible savage group whose entire purpose is to destroy civilization. They are lairs, con-artists, thiefs, and can be anyone or pretend to be anything.

Against Her Will. Always.

Founding Date
A very long time ago.
Alternative Names
Traitors, The Uncivilized, Divergents.
Training Level
Veterancy Level

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