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The leader of the nation is known as a "head", and is essentially the unquestioned ruler. Below the head are the four divisions, the Pehoks who are responsible for criminal justice and creating laws, though they must be passed through the head before receiving approval, the Nobles, which are people with high influence due to their high societal status and the fact that they are immensely wealthy, the Gadipons, who are in charge of controlling Qudros's vast military powers, and the Advisory, which is in charge of assisting the head in decision making, though they cannot override the head in any way. Below them, there are many subsections of each division, then there are those of high societal status, then those with important and highly valued careers, then there is the general civilian populous.


Qudros is highly nationalistic in nature, most civilians have a very strong sense of nationality and a very high amount of national pride, and most consider themselves to be the most superior nation in Ebelar. They are very technologically minded, focused on advancement specifically in terms of military power. They are also very focused on education, believing that raising the next generation is the most important task, and therefore children are pressured to perform at their peak and learn all that they possibly can, and education is the most highly funded area in Qudros.


Qudros was originally created around 50AL, at which point it was known simply as "Qu", and was renamed in 62AL when it was officially brought into existence. It was led initially by Tanyll Lutamol, who created its initial government system and its original territorial claims. It has participated in many wars, stomping out several budding nations until the only nations on Eshaque were itself and Akrus. It declared was on Akrus in 201AL, and this war has been raging ever since, resulting in countless casualties but only very minor territorial shifts. It has only switched leaders twice in that time, currently led by Vra'il Nicada.


Qudros claims most of the southern half of the continent of Eshaque, as well as several of the surrounding islands, and a small sliver of land on the coast of the Ceccene desert, which is almost exclusively used for trade and was granted in a deal with the nation that previously owned the territory. Its hold in these territories is firmly established, but contested only by Akrus.


Qudros has a very powerful military force, with a fourth of its government being dedicated to strengthening, managing, maintaining, and increasing the military. The members of the military are immensely trained and powerful in nature, with immense discipline and strength due to rigorous training that takes years to complete, as well as advanced weaponry and high access to it.

Technological Level

Qudros is one of the most highly technologically advanced civilizations on Ebelar. It is the only that has developed computer technology, though it is slightly behind Akrus when it comes to weapon technology, and commonly has things like guns, chips, and technological healthcare accessible to its people.

Foreign Relations

Qudros as a whole views other nations as inferior, but has generally positive relations. The exception to this is Akrus, who Qudros hates with a burning passion. Most members of Qudros view Akrus as one of the worst things to ever happen to Ebelar, and wish to wipe it off of the map.


The members of Qudros are usually very highly educated, since education is one of the most valued assets among the people. There is freely available high quality public education, and it is illegal for children to not attend public education. There is no private education allowed, and all education is maintained by the education department of the Advisory.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
"Qu" (Former)
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Quons (Coo-ahns)
Government System
Economic System
Mixed economy
They use the international currency of Pieces, though they also have what are known as "Cards" which are small chips inserted under the skin and have computer technology that connects to the users accounts, allowing them to spend and receive money.
Neighboring Nations


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