Hands of The End

We deserve more than what this planet has to offer us. We are children of the cosmos and are destined for much greater. The only way to ascend is to end it all.
This is one of Omari's oldest organizations that led to the destruction of the planet's original land masses. It was a cult full of people who considered themselves above everyone else. They claimed a shadowy prophet saw visions of greatness for those willing to make a great sacrifice.


  A pair of shadowy hands surrounded by stardust.     A swirling black hole.     An open book that appears to be absorbing the reality around it.


  1. Always be prepared to let go of everything on the final day.   2. Embrace your inner greatness and don't befriend any mortals bound to this realm.   3. Do not back down when the ritual day arrives; do your part or forfeit your place in the Greater Beyond.

Star Children

The members of this cult share the common belief that they are all secretly beings of a higher dimension. Their souls are concentrated stardust threaded together with an unknown divine power. Each member has a desire to "ascend" and be one with whatever extraplanar world they believe to exist. They have no real test to prove any of this. If an individual truly believes they are a star child, they can join as long as they follow their tenants to a T and prove loyal to the very end.
Individuals who do not follow their beliefs or are deemed a "plain mortal" are shunned and almost pitied in a sense. Members are advised to either cut them out of their life or do their best to not interact with them. Anyone who is not a star child will lose their souls completely and be locked out of the Greater Beyond when the end comes.

The Path to The End

The only feasible way for these individuals to ascend was to bring an end to the material plane. They felt their cosmic souls were being held back via the tether to their physical forms. The exact details around their major ritual were lost over time, but the results remain. Whatever happened caused the original continents to sink into the sea. Thankfully the planet survived and the displaced individuals were able to relocate thanks to the work of Uxali and his deity friends.
Year Founded
Year Dissolved

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