Also known as the Order of the Flame, this magical order of police was a tool of The Dragon, the Emperor of the Atralum Empire. He used them to hunt down his political rivals and dissidents and dispose of them. They also prowled the lands of the Empire, hunting for any strong in magic.

Org Structure

They broke the order down in a series of factions focused on different things. The Preceptors were for training new recruits, Pursuants for hunting down magical threats, and Perpetrators were for assassination of political enemies. Each order was recognisable because of coloured hoodless mantle each member wore.   The leader of the order was called the Principal.


  All members wear the same dark grey, stiff collared uniforms with a standing collar. The mantles were the main way to tell the difference between the members. Preceptors wore midnight blue mantles, Pursuants wore hunter green mantles, and the Perpetrators wore jet black mantles. The Principal wore a blood red mantle.

Public Agenda

  Their prime responsibilities were the elimination of all magical threats to the empire, all threats to the Emperor and to train new members.   Preceptors gave any person found with a strong magical talent a choice between joining the order or imprisonment. Given very little choice, many joined and found the training exceptionally difficult, leaving them mentally exhausted and open to the indoctrination that followed. They would leave the preceptors training houses religious zealots, but their god was the Emperor, not any celestial being.   The people deemed a magical threat would inevitably be anyone who could use magic that wasn’t part of their order or working for the good of the Emperor. This caused most magic users to hide their talents and operate in secret. There was a standing reward offered for any information that would lead to the discovery of one of these people. They referred to this reward as the Pursuants Purse.   Most people saw no one wearing the black mantle. To see a black mantle usually meant you were about to die.

Opinions and Continued Impact

  People of the Empire feared and reviled any from the Pyronate. To see a member of the order was a sign of intense bad luck for any outside the capital city. People from the outlaying towns and villages would curse their luck if any of their family showed magical talents, for it meant they would have a life of fear and hiding or they would have to give them up to the order. Many did exactly that, trading children showing magic away for the purse and guilt.   Even now in the Queendom of Vreabia where they are safe from the Empires grasp people still keep accounts of the Pyronate and the Magical Collegiate teaches a class on them and their methods in fear of one day facing them again.


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