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Prompt 14: The Legacy

The Legacy is an organization formed to seek ways to evolve humans into something beyond. A group that has sought many ways through magic and through technology to achieve the greatness of humanity. Though they have constantly been met with failure, they still strive to achieve something beyond what we are today.
    The Legacy is an ancient order that was formed after the fall of the Lazari. A group formed by humans who seeked to gain the knowledge of magic and acheive the next stage of evolution. When the humans formed their tribes, members of the Legacy would join the different tribes in order to push the knowledge of magic by finding diffrent means to achieve their goals.   When many of the tribes united to form the city of Salire, the Legacy came with them. Even as restrictions on magic was placed upon the people, the Legacy found ways to continue to pursue their goal of evolution. Some explored the frozen land seeking remnants of magic left by spirits and the Lazari. Others sought to uncover the truth of the under waste in hopes of gaining an understanding of the altered beings that lived there. Even some who were far more cunning has infiltrated the government formed by the nobles in order to push their goal by working around the restrictions placed upon their people.   Some members of the Legacy have begun to look at technology as a means of evolution. Taking hints from the volza who did the same before nearly taking over the western lands. With this in mind, they have joined the push to unlock the secrets of the volza along with the seekers of the forge. An ally they have recently been in talks with, in more recent times.

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