Üski Kamsa (yski kamsa)

The tribe of savi üshme living in the Anhövol Forest.   Favi Fethnu, the current Betha Bi of the tribe ruled many human generations ago that they would remain separate from the human populations. Any member of the tribe who disagreed was driven from the herd and their names were "forgotten" by the others as is traditional. Over the centuries, Üski Kamsa has been forgotten by humans until their mythology has blended and is hidden beneath the legends of deer-like unicorns and fanciful stories of magic and virgin princesses.


The Betha Bi of any particular herd nominates a select group of adult unicorns to act as her court or advisory board. If they give an order, members of the herd obey as if the Betha Bi is speaking. Any member of the herd can issue an order but these senior members are more likely to be heeded in general.   In addition to the Betha Bi, each herd has a tsangög or leading guardian. It is his job to organize defenses and protection for the herd at large, as well as minding stragglers when the herd is on the move.

Demography and Population

The tribe's current population is 127 by last count. They are all at least half Savi üshme.


The unicorns claim the whole of Anhövol Forest as their ancestral homeland. They repel human interference regularly with magical and mundane means, especially with traps and confusion spells to turn the humans around and have them wander aimlessly out of the forest again, unsure why they were there to begin with.


The Tsangög leads two units of fighting guards totaling 26 men and women. Most of them are trained to fight with bladed polearms which are traditional to the Savi üshme and shorter swords for close combat.

Foreign Relations

Intensely xenophobic and isolationist.

"Üski kamsa." Don't fight like an idiot.

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Tribe
Alternative Names
The Unicorn Nation, Anhövol Forest
Leader Title
Head of State
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
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