Savi üshme (savi yʃme)

Humanoid unicorns who live in the Anhövol Forest.   The Savi üshme work very hard to conceal themselves from humanity and are seldom seen outside their forest. Most humans believe that unicorns are quadripedal and mythical creatures, so they are very unlikely to make the connection between the deer-like unicorns and the humanoid Savi üshme.   Cassandra is a half-unicorn living and plying her trade in the Rair Peak area of the Kargasa Federation. Her ward, Davis is a full-blooded unicorn but most people look at him and fail to notice or comprehend the 2-inch horn on his forehead.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Vönsöth, Bithu, Kagvonma, Tsukh, Vünd

Masculine names

Ngaitsh, Shen, Höngt, Ungt, Ngögvoth

Unisex names

Wadu, Tsuh, Önlac, Wüps, Cököw

Family names

Unicorns use maternal lineage names, usually denoted as "cic" daughter or "ü" son.


Beauty Ideals

Unicorns favor symmetry in features, fair or platinum hair with white being considered truly beautiful, fair or white skin and blue eyes. While these are common among the unicorns, it is not uncommon to find unicorns with darker complexions, dark hair, and brown or green eyes. They are generally considered less than attractive and there is a strong colorism prejudice.

Gender Ideals

Women are strong, intelligent, well-organized and faithful, shrewd and forward thinking. Men are muscular and skilled in battle, strategic-minded and ruthless against enemies, compassionate but firm among their own people.

Courtship Ideals

Many mares aspire to be given permission to mate with the herd's tsangög, as he is considered the most valuable and suitable partner in the herd. Very few are given that privilege, as he is usually emotionally bonded to the Betha Bi. His inner circle of guards are also popular candidates for mates and there is a great deal of competition among mares for the chance to bear the foal of a guardian.

Relationship Ideals

Children are raised by the herd. The ideal for unicorns is to birth the highest quality offspring; love and emotional attachment very seldom come into play.
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