Anhövol Forest

Also known as the Unicorn Forest, the Anhövol Forest is a band of taiga which encompasses the Rair Mountains just below the treeline. The dense mountain forest is impenetrable to humans, leaving a single path which accesses the heights of the mountains and Rair Peak's summit.


The cities which make up Rair Peak's population centers are all found at elevations just below the lower edges of the dense taiga. There are a few locations where intrepid climbers have investigated into the forest as far as two or three miles. Around this point, compasses cease to function properly, maps tend to disintegrate without warning, ropes fray and break, and even the trained hawks many climbers use to assist with over-land navigation lose their ability to sense North or vanish entirely. Local legend has it that unicorns living deeper in the forest make the area inhospitable to human exploration, but nothing has ever been proven.

Fauna & Flora

Many smaller Rair towns which border the forest itself have stories about the strange and mythical animals that live on the outskirts and even deeper myths and speculations about what lives deeper in. Unicorns are the primary subject of the legends though no one has claimed to have seen a unicorn in several generations.

Natural Resources

The edges of the forest are rich in coniferous trees such as larch, spruce and fir. Maple, elm and oak trees have been found in smaller quantities and hints of larger trees have been seen, suggesting more deciduous trees in the closed-canopy areas of the taiga. Logging in the edges of the forest is common, as is the collection of berries, herbs and other low-growing useful plants.   Veins of iron and copper have been found in the land surrounding the forest but attempts to push mining enterprises into the denser areas of the forest have met with failure.
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Unicorn Forest
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