Tsangög (ʦaŋøg)

Translates literally as "Lead Stallion" or "Lead Guardian." The tsangög acts as defensive organizer and protector of a unicorn herd.


Any unicorn seeking status in the herd must be approved by the Betha Bi. In the case of the tsangög, she will convey the status only on the one stallion she considers worthy, often also her mate.


Because of the physicality of the position, any tsangög must be exceptionally strong and skilled as a fighter. Every Betha Bi has her own preferences in a mate, so the additional requirements for the position vary between leadership.
Civic, Law
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Lead Stallion, Head Guardian
Length of Term
Until illness or infirmity
Current Holders
Reports directly to
Related Locations
Related Organizations


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