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Sky Weavers

The Sky Weavers is a political organization in Deepmere, thou its ideas and influences spreads out across all Merian society.   The core idea of the organization is that it is unnatural for dwarfes to live far underground. Dwarfes should return to the mountains and caves from which they once came and live as they lived before. The underground caves far below the surface are good to mine in but not too live in. They are dark, cold and inhospitable by nature in contrast to the surface. They use the Merians dwarfes love for flowers, belonging on the surface, as a proof for their idea.  

Bad Reputation

Due to the Sky Weavers connection to the splinter group the Sky Sworn many rumors have gone around the group, to the extent that some believe that the Sky Weavers are behind attempted assassinations on nobles, corruption and destruction of important tunnels.  

The Sky Sworn

The organization once were divided into two. Keeping the name Sky Weavers were those that thought that everybody should be able to live above ground if they wanted and that the rulers should help dwarfes back to the mountains financial means. The others, that became known as the Sky Sworn, did not accept any dwarf to remain underground.   According to the Sky Sworn it was unhonourable and an insult to the gods for dwarfes to cast away the mountain homes. They also believe dwarfes living underground brings bad luck with it, prophesying that one day beasts of chaos and destruction will crawl out from the deepest depths if dwarfes do not leave the underground alone. The third reason, the one that the common population has the easiest to agree with, is that the rule of the underground nobles is to harsh and that as long they stay underground the rulers will be able to continue to oppress their people.  

Children of Unna

Children of Unna is a religious order that grew forth from the Sky Weavers about 150 AP.


The Sky Weavers have about 80 active members and more than 700 supporters. Among the active members and their allies a number of skilled magicians and spies are included. They have a large wealth available to them from countless donations.


Was first formed by weavers to the royal families, being treated unjust and wanting to return home to above

Once Below, Forever Above

Founding Date
250 BP
Related Ethnicities

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