Olpyn Association

"Born of a secret society, they have all bu- WAIT WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?"
— Famous last words


Let Sleeping Monsters Lie

  Founded over a millennia ago, the Olpyn Association has been thought to be behind the assassination attempts of numerous royal individuals over the years, a few of which have led to the overturning of bloodlines. Though their presence has always been felt, they have very rarely been seen actively and rarer still have active members been publicly known. During the times that they have had a more well-known presence, the Olpyn Association has been in charge of many philanthropic efforts across the Eight Lands, most likely as a masquerade for their darker, more shadowed activities.
  With only one reported case of an Olpyn member having been made public, which then led to their own death, it stands to reason that they had been wanted exiled from the Association by the other members. There have been no members revealed after their death, which further confirms this theory that it was in an effort to allow the public to target that member for death.

For You Are Crunchy

  The Olpyn Association is thought to be behind several current day issues, such as fake healing items, and the exorbitant pricing of housing materials and essential medications for rare diseases. While there isn't necessarily any laws preventing price gouging of services and objects, the immorality of their behaviour has forced them evermore into the shadows of the world.
  Those who are part of the Olpyn Association keep their membership closely guarded, but it is believed that the members stem from an original group of members and has flowed down through their children or designated heirs to continue their efforts to subtly control aspects of the Eight Lands.


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