Ancient Dragon Council

The Ancient Dragon Council was formed before written history. It was formed by the eldest of each dragon brood in order to prevent an all out war between each dragon brood and the rest of the planes as well as each other. There was a split how ever as some were more peaceful and others sought conquest of the other races. The generous and peaceful ones remained on the Ancient Dragon Council and use other races to do their bidding on their behalf as well as to preserve the world. Each nation pays heed to their advice and warnings, knowing the full might if they make a enemy of the council. Leadership rarely changes and when it does word travels fast as it shapes future polices and influences who joins the Claws as well as where they are directed.


It is a council of ancient dragons, each working with each other as equals. They command those who are titled "Dragon Claws" who are skilled adventurers or people who are in their employ to help expand their resources or protect the land.


They are known to be honorable and straightforward in their approach. They target to entrap or prevent the spread of forces that would be a threat to the local realm.

Public Agenda

To preserve peace and their way of life.


A massive hoard of coin and magical artifacts for those chosen to become claws. They also have political connection to most nations and people.


It was formed originally to end internal conflict of the Dragon broods which ended in the split between those who sought peace and those who sought conquest.  They agreed to not get personally involved and enlist champions to help expand and push their goals.

To bring balance when evil reigns.

Secret, Military
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