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Order of the Hunt

The Order of the Hunt is an ancient organization that encompasses people from much of Casimira and includes many of the races, animalfolk and human alike. They are dedicated to learning more about dragons so they can better hunt them.

This order was established before the Great Calamity when humans first began to realize how outmatched they were by dragons. They are possibly the only organization to have survived the calamity fully intact and was among the first to become operational again when people emerged into the new light of the world.

While many members do not condone violence and believe it is not the answer, they also see dragons as little more than rampaging creatures who believe themselves to be better than humans. They believe dragons will one day decide that they've had enough of those "upstart humans" and will bring down another calamity in an effort to get rid of them for good. The animalfolk among the members generally know better than this, but also believe that dragons are too powerful and desire some of the land that has been claimed by the dragon clans.

As skirmishes continue at the border of Alexi and the Southern Lands, the Order of the Hunt finds new members in those who have been displaced by the attacks. The new recruits are angry at everything that created the problems they now face, from the dragons themselves to the nobles who won't do things once and for all to stop them. As a result, they are ready for revenge and will do anything to keep more people from facing the same fate.

Most notably, the Order of the Hunt keeps The Bow hidden away, waiting for the right time to use it. Some say that time is now, but the highest leaders claim that a better time is coming...

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