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The Final Guard

It was 2617, the nadir of the empire of the Frost Giants. Why the empire fell and who they fought are best left to Maze Walker , but out of the Hundred Clans, there were but 3 that survived. Those that live in and around The Long Fall, the Iceward clan in the north, and The Final Guard, though to call these last survivors is a bit misleading." - Bet, Tortle Hexblade of the Wandering Immortals.


The sole duty of the Final Guard was the protection of the World Trees and other Wellsprings of Magic from the forces of outside. Created at the start of The Fall, as the frost giants warred against the eldritch forces that they had inadvertently summoned it became apparent that the goal of some of those beings was the acquisition or corruption of these places. After losing the Well of the 6th wind the Final Guard was created and outfitted to protect these places throughout the world. many of the more fantastically magical places in the world, from the Tuulikello Forest and the Crimson Cairn to the Sapphire Sands are leftover from the Battles that they fought.


Though not technically disbanded, the Final Guard is no longer active. They are currently in a form of stasis. This is not to say they cannot move, as any who would threaten a Wellspring find out to their dismay and, most often, their demise as well. Around any Wellspring in the world one can find anywhere from 20 to 100 frost giant "statues" locked in fighting poses.   One of the most famous examples can be found surrounding the Everburning Flame beneath the Crimson Cairn.
In the light cast by the flickering of the Flame the statues seem almost alive. One's mind plays tricks. The shifting shadows make it seem as if the statues are still fighting, battling back and forth in a dance played out upon the chamber walls.
Dissolution Date
Alternative Names
The Forever Fighting


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