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Nestled into a forest valley, sits the popular town of Shimosaki. It's a 20 minute drive south of Nonogawa. Because it's the largest town in the district, people visit for most of their medical and dental appointments and to shop. Santo Hospital, the best in the area, is located in the northernmost section.



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Shimosaki was founded in the early 1700s as a stop for pilgrims traveling south to Kibitsujinja, a shrine with a beautiful hydrangea garden and close ties to the Legend of Momotaro.   The Japanese government built a dam on a nearby river, which forced residents of two neighboring villages to move to Shimosaki. The few remaining villagers voted to merge what was left of their towns with Shimosaki in 2005 so they could share a school district.


Industry and Trade

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Most denizens are employed by local shops, the hospital, tourism, and restaurants. Though the town owes much of its success to the old Yamaguchi Lumber Company that still manages the forest for miles around.
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Mr. Yamaguchi made wise choices when planting. 10, 50, even 100 years later, the harvest brought in good money for the company, which offered generous bonuses to its employees. Smaller trades include onsen inns and rice farming.



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Shimosaki has conveneint rail and bus access for day trips. Thus, the town has the best variety of shopping, healthcare, restaurants and entertainment in the Nonogawa River Valley.   Besides being one of the locations filmed in a popular drama, Shimosaki is home to one of Japan's top waterfalls. The town also boasts the most perfect temperature natural hotspring with the highest mineral count for calcium, sodium bicarbonate, copper, and iron. Soaking here is reputed to help with anemia, menstrual issues, skin issues, and blood flow, among other ailments.


  • Shimosaki
Founding Date
2005 (for modern day incorporation), 1721 (for original village)
Alternative Name(s)
下咲 (below the blooms)
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