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真恩 (a.k.a. Nonogawa's River god)

When the time comes, you will be my eyes and ears—the body I am denied.
— Shion

The great Dragon kami of the Nonogawa River. He appears in human form when it suits him.
It's been over a century since magic folk have encountered the river god. Many wonder what could have befallen such a powerful kami.   Though, valley residents still keep the river pristine.
  Shion's popularity in worship is second only to Inari Ookami in the Nonogawa River Valley. His godly domains include the Nonogawa River, fishing, soy beans, wisdom, and floods. Since he's an eternal being, many consult him for signs and advice.   He is particular about the care and cleanliness of his river. But doesn't mind sharing the water with those in the valley, as long as they take care not to pollute his home.



Protection of the river and inhabitants of its banks.


  • Usually peaceful and patient
  • Loving and doting father
  • Dutiful

    Can be a tad capricious, especially in the spring. Nonogawans know to watch for flooding at that time of the year.


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    Current location
    March 18
    Generally considered to be male, though some reports list Shion as female.
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Iridescent - blue, green, purple (dragon form), Pale (human form)
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    Liminal Chronicles Series bookcover art by Odette.A.Bach and text by Amy Winters-Voss. Short story bookcovers by Amy Winters-Voss

    Character Portrait image: by Odette.A.Bach


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