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Guardian Release Activities

Thanks for joining the Guardian Release Week festivities!   Check out the articles and links below to follow the action!


Rise Book Blitz

A big thank you to all the blogs and bookstagrams who are featuring Guardian during release week!

When you visit the posts, please let them know you stopped by
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Live Posts

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The Book Blitz starts May 8, 2023. As I find the posts, I'll share them here.   Book Blitz Posts


Activities: Party, Games, Stream Guest, Guest Posts

Guardian Book Release Party Invite
Generic article | May 9, 2023

!cake, raffles, AMA, games (that you can play along at home via WA), book signings, Japan tour pictures, and more!

Guest Post on Writers in the Storm

Imagine if someone claimed they were giving your minority representation in a book or movie, but it was so far from accurate you didn't recognize your people in it? How would you feel if the group you are in was always the one killed off in stories or added to the stigmatization of your group?

Visiting an Ex-Yakuza Udon Shop

Nakamoto-san was super sweet, humble, and only focuses on how he's changed from his violent past.   (An entry from my Feb/Mar 2023 Trip Blog.)

Writing a Book Series with World Anvil

WA Stream Guest

Streamed on May 6, 2023 (VOD Link)

Interview on TBR Book Blogger

May 10, 2023 Get to know Amy a little better, learn what music she likes to listen to while writing, what inspired her to write and to write Guardian, her favorite scenes, and her advice to aspiring authors.
Departures from Folklore and Culture in Liminal Chronicles
Generic article | May 9, 2023

Sharing where the Liminal Chronicles deviates from Japanese legends, etc.

Guest Post on Writers in the Storm

Being Respectful When Writing About Others, Part 2

Tips for avoiding cultural appropriation, avoiding representing minorities and under-represented groups in negative ways, and what to do when you make a mistake.

World Anvil Community Stream

Live Reading and Raffle

Stream on May 12, 2023, Noon Central (6 PM UK, 1 PM Eastern, 10 AM Pacific) at (VOD link)
Guardian Release Day Photobooth
Generic article | Apr 18, 2024

Snap a photo with your favorite characters and places from Guardian and around Kyoto

Guardian Fill in the Blank Game #1
Generic article | May 5, 2023

A MadLibs style game where you get to make my book sound silly!

Liminal Chronicles - Inspirations from Japan Trips

Slideshow of Inspirations from my trips to Japan of places, people, and things mentioned in the books!


If you missed the Rise Launch Posts...

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