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Terill Violet Treatment

She put the blueviolet petals in her marble mortar. Her wife had come down with the dust clog, and she needed a remedy for it quick to stop the spread.
The petals were slowly being crushed into a dry powder. They were poured over a steaming bowl of water which colored it slightly purple.
"Here, honey! I am finished with your medicine!"
The terill steam treatment is one of the most effective ways to cure Dust Clog. While steaming is the most potent way, there are other kinds of uses. The powder produced from crushing the flower's petals can be used as a component in candles or incense. Both of these can be used as a passive treatment, sterilizing the air in any room you put them in. Candles and incenses are popular in Garsuth, especially among the elders.
  The terill violet's sterilizing effect has been known for a long while, especially by Dark Elf, who uses it in many ways. The most common use for the flowers are in incenses, candles and cooking. When cooking, using the petals whole are common. They are used for their fresh and light taste, but also have an ability to counter some poisonous properties of other ingredients.
  The flower is an uncommon flower. It only grows in mountainous regions, in the south and east of Cotenil.


The flower's petals are ground up to a pulver which is steamed and breathed in. The steam acts as a cleanser, with the terill's sterilizing properties it can remove dirt and dust in one's lungs. After the elves' discovery of its healing properties, the mining dwarves discovered how they could use the flower to cure/slow down dust clog.
There isn't any specific person credited to the invention of the steam treatment. Most souls believe it was some super old dark elf, but no one knows for sure.
Access & Availability
As the flower itself is uncommon the medical uses are even more rare.
Using the terill for sterilizing, especially steaming it, is a very straightforward process.
The Dark Elves are seen as the first ones to use the terill violet for healing purposes. As the flower grows around the mountains, they easily found it and tried different ways to use it.

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