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3440 S.E

Created by

A world full of magic, mystery and legends.

Here the people in the cities live their busy lives unknowing of the mystic folk that move through the thick forests. Explorers seek out unknown territory to find secrets yet to be uncoverd, but those who return can never tell much of their journey.
Scientists and magicians work together to find ways make new kinds of technical systems, machines and infrastructure. Magic is infused in the new machines, and makes work much easier for many souls.

This is a fantasy world that I work a lot with. Right now this is the only place I put my fantasy related stories and ideas in. Darta is a world I began making at the age of 10, and I have continued to improve on the world and all the stories that play out in it since then. I hope you will find my characters and the world they live in interesting! Thank you for reading :)