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Garsuth Hospital

This hospital sits at the mouth of the cave that opens into the mining town Garsuth. Carved out of the mountain itself, it would have been hard to spot if not for the colorful flora covering the second floor's balcony. Because it's one of the first buildings to represent the town for outsiders, it has a very beautiful facade.   As any other hospital it takes care of the town's sick and injured. It specializes in mining related injuries, such as broken legs or wounds caused by the tools and machinery, and other illnesses related to mining. One of the leading hospitals for treating dust clog. Students of medicine come here to learn about the disease and its' treatment.

Purpose / Function

A building to heal the sick and injured. Because of its' size, the hospital doesn't have a very broad knowledge or access to a lot of medical supplies, but it does have a specialization: mining injuries. Actually one of the leading places for treating the infamous Dust Clog.


The hospital is carved out of the mountain itself. The outside walls are intricately decorated with other types of mineral, making an interesting mix of colors and textures. The second floor has a large balcony, full of medicinal plants, and it is a very welcome splash of vibrant colors.   The inside is clean and minimalistic. The walls are polished to a smooth surface for the sterility and some sections of the mountain's rock is exchanged for a material that is less porous.   The patients' rooms are on the second floor, connected to the balcony.
(sjukdomen behandlas dels genom ren utomhusluft, och en magisk blomma som specifikt framtagen för att rena luft och kan därför också användas till att göra läkemedel.)
Founding Date
3158 S.E
Alternative Names
Dust Healer

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Author's Notes

I'm gonna try for real this year to write more! Most of these entries will be brainstormed and built together with my boyfriend, so thanks to him :) <3

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