To cure a merging mind

The following folder contains several cutout texts. While they are undated, you notice they were part of the Merinian Household, or written by Gretsor Barren or Fyki Spirits. The first one is from Gretsor.  
I visited the patients again today. Not really my choice, obviously: I promised them I'd do my best to help them. Besides, as morbid as it is to observe two minds detach from one another, I am of a curious nature.   [...]   As far as I knew, the mother looked like she was doing well. Sad, yes. Angry, heartbroken even. She was craving some contact she would not get again, and she was going through every major stage of grief.   The daughter, however, wasn't doing well.
[...]   Now, before we adress the question of whether it should be legal, let's adress the question of how Thought Fusion is treated.   The Separation treatment, or Therapy, consists in three major steps. The first is the identification of the condition and the extent at which the minds are fused. As impressive as Merinian medicine is, separating one entirely fused mind is lethal. Identifying fusing minds can be done by noting down exterior symptoms such as [...]   As a case of fusing mind is properly describe, the treatment itself begins. This is done in two parts: isolation of the affected from one another, and insertion into new social situations. The isolation part consists in making sure communication between the affected cannot continue. It is vital to prevent the fusion from continuing. In that regard, the determining factor as, as is for any relationship, time and distance. The further fusing minds are from one another, the less canals they have to communicate with each other and the less able to maintain their state they will be. As for the insertion into new social situations, the objective is to force the affected minds into different mental environments. As the affected spend some time apart in situations were different chaos and consciousnesses, they adapt to these new surrounding. As a result, they will struggle to reconnect should they see each other again.   As one might expect from a treatment that consists in forcibly isolating persons with a supernaturally intimate relationship with one another, Separation is poorly accepted by fusing minds. They regularly end up traumatized, or worse, as the recent tragedy showed. Methods to deal with treatment are [...]
  The following part of the text has been written by Fyki.  
... And you see, Journal, if I am entirely honest, this might very well be the only good thing about this tragedy. Fusing mind treatment has been practiced for too long in Merinos. For a city trying its best to ascend to something better, it certainly has some backward ideas toward mental differences. I can only hope public opinion changes will put an end to such barbaric Separations.
  The end of the text is part of the newspaper again.  
... And this is why, in the opinion of the Household, while Separation treatment seems barbaric and uncalled for, it remains a harsh necessity to put an end to otherwise toxic situations that are maladapted to urban life.

Cover image: by Pouaseuille


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