Arcane Rejuvenation

I tell you this will be able to make our lives much better than before for we will no longer have to fear the consequences of overusing our magic! Excited Mage
  Magic Rejuvenation is a form of magical healing used to aid magic users that suffer from the many side effects of magic that can injure or kill them. While healing magic is almost nonexistent to the way magic works, pure magic can be used to aid in the healing process as a user’s body will naturally absorb it to being to restore injures and the magic that is spent using them at an alarming rate.  

Accidental Discovery

  It was discovered accidentally when Marcus Ester was study magic with mages that lead to the benefits of pure magic on mages with magical afflictions when one of machines fueled by magic malfunctioned leading to a release of magical energy that showered a small area of the room and hit one of the afflicted and healing them of the condition. It later discovered that pure magic was used after residue was found that was noted f the original magic used by the machine.  

Magic and Machinery

  The actual way this treatment undergoes is based on only recent technology marvel known as magitech, a combination of technology and magic to operate machinery. This is one of these devices that operates by using an Arcane Chamber, a large chamber to place to the patient inside to being their procedure. It is through here that the pure magic would be placed in the chamber through a series of pipes and tubes to aid in the patient's healing process. If all goes well they will be in full health with no side effects and free of any magical injuries.  

Harnessing Raw Power

  The idea of using pure magic to heal magical injuries seems far fetch, to say the least as it is come to by considering it is only found in natural environments which is formless. The idea is considering pure magic has not taken any form of magic at all means that it can be manipulated to achieve feats that categorized magic can not do, such as healing and changing matter. Of course, this also means that it is far more dangerous to use due to it having an unpredictable nature which could lead to disaster. This is why magic users found a way to manufacture their pure magic through science and alchemy to turn categorized magic into pure magic. This process is known as Arcane Rebirth and is known to be highly dangerous because they are directly altering the magic itself which could lead to a chain reaction that would create a magical explosion. Destroying everything in its path.  

Healing Magic Afflictions

  Conditions such as Magic Burnout, Arcane Depletion and Magic Poisoning is are considered a thing of the past with this new practice as it helps purify the magic damage and corruption that harmed them is no longer life threatening to them and they can be a full health rather than be in pain for hours or weeks from the magic that caused it in the first place. Making all magic users lives feel safer if they ever end up in such a situation.
Access & Availability
The proper use of this medical practice has been restricted to magic users only as it can easily be abused by those who want to use the magic for themselves.


  Despite the practice being used to heal magic users, the Mundwin or none magic users have found a way to use the magic on their bodies with surprising results. Though most of these uses are often misfires that lead to disasters most of the time.  


  Cure Diseases: An diseases a person has will be cured.   Reversed Aging: Magic will cause the persons body to age backwards making them younger.   Heal crippled/severed limb: An missing limb or crippled limb will be restored as if nothing ever happened to it.   Cure Deformation: An body birth defects will be removed and become a normal healthy person.  


  Deformation: A normal body will be deformed.   Death: A painful death is always a likability.   Advanced Aging: Person ages faster at an astounding rate.   Mutations: Body will receive certain mutations that can cause changes to them physically and mentally.   Arcanrosis: A person’s physical body will become magic.   Transformation: A person can change into a different species or an object.


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