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Clockwork Organs

This revolutionary technique was established by the famous/infamous Avenkin artificer and mage Adrudel. This technique was established during one of many daring, transmutation experiments she conducted and it has been hotly debated across the kingdoms, with some calling it dark magic. It has resulted in some uproar and distrust of the mage guilds in particular across the realm. This practice was discovered and developed by Adrudel upon the tragedy that had left her husband near death, with little chance of survival. An earthquake caused by a war in the region of Aflijan, in the Comcola_Peak_Pass, between the Sahān and a small army of extra-planar entities, resulted in a landslide that toppled and buried their home, with her husband inside. He had a multitude of broken bones, A punctured lung and a severed heart. She put him in a stasis spell for decades while she perfected her techniques, until 34 years later she combined her transmutive abilities and craftsmanship together to form the perfect fix. This process involves the construction and enchantment of clockwork wardens into viable replacement for donation. These organs must be forged with copper and silver and the core must contain one fragment the organ or appendage that is been placed. These are then subjected to 8 continuous hours of ritualistic transmutation magic in a chamber made specifically for focusing these energies. Although, fearing what could be done with her research, Adrudel encrypted her research journals and sequestered her equipment, so now only she knows how this revolutionary transplant is achieved. It is said that the secrets to this method are contained within her home which is now buried under a small hill formation due to the landslide that almost killed her husband. Although, this has not been proven as non-have been able to access the residency since the incident.


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