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Healing with Feywillow Tattoos

it is a very well kept secret among the elves of the Feywillow Forrest that healers at Florown Abbey¬† have found a way to heal using a Feywillow Tattoos.   This rather complex and exact form of healing involves an entire stack of Feywillow paper, to at least the thickness of the limb or area to be healed. A larger piece of paper is placed to cover both the limb and the paper stack and then the person is pierced with a Feywillow needle. The person's limb is recreated, layer-by-layer in exacting detail on the paper stack. These drawings are compared to a magical standard drawing of the muscles and bones in question with any pages with deviations being highlighted in a color of the healers choosing   highlighted pages are removed and given to the healers dedicated scribe, who will use a specially prepared Feywillow needle correct the illustration on the page. Once all illustrations have been corrected the pages are re-stacked and the patient is pierced with the needle that made the corrections, effectively re-writing the body into a healed state.   This process has advantages and disadvantages over regular magical healing.   As a disadvantage, it is much slower, and very, very, painful. It is also very taxing on the patient, as their body provides most of the energy required for the healing process   Indeed, the elves of Florown Abby can correct all kinds of injuries that other magics cannot touch, or simply ignore. Severed limbs can be re-attached (assuming the severed portion has been kept in good condition). Limbs crushed by a wagon or falling trees or rocks can be restored. It is even rumored that the truly skilled healers are able to regrow the limbs of patients with amputations. This is incredibly important for elves as an improperly healed bone from a broken leg or arm can lead to centuries of impaired mobility and crippling pain.   Most useful, this form of healing can be used to identify and treat all forms of parasitic infection, something that regular healing magics often ignore or exacerbate.


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Great use of the magical tattooing!