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Florown Abbey

"If you lived for over a thousand years, you would probably prioritize the ability to cure crippling physical injuries also" - Maze Walker, on the elves of Florown Abby

Purpose / Function

Hospital and physical therapy center, specializing in the regrowth and repair of limbs and removal of stubborn parasites.


Following its near destruction in the *placeholder War it was decided that the Abbey needed to be better protected. Rather than build up the walls, it was, by and large, "given back to the forest." That is to say, a full druid circle spent the better part of 20 years growing the surrounding forest over and through the abbey. Over the following centuries several of the trees have become awakened and also act as more active protection for the abbey.


What started as a single elven home with a separate research building quickly grew to a full facility dedicated mostly to producing and storing the large amounts of supplies for Feywillow Tattoos required to perform the healing done. Now, for the abbeys protection, all the buildings are overgrown by, or fully encased in, trees, the entrances hidden amongst roots.


Originally founded by the clerics Sana and Selanar following the crippling of their children in a wind storm. Knowing the burden that their children wouold bear for the rest of their lives, they moved their family to a remote part of Feywillow Forest and started learning all they could about elven bodies and the healing arts. After a few centuries of study it was Selanar who reverse engineered the process of creating Feywillow Tattoos to allow them to accurate anatomy drawings of any creature they could get to stay still long enough for the process to finish. It took less than a half century after that to discover how to correct the drawings and apply the corrections to a living creature. In the centuries since then the Feywillow Elves have gained a reputation of timelessness above and beyond that of other elves, as they no longer suffer lingering effects of accumulated injuries, as other elves must.
Founding Date
873 AF
Parent Location


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