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Tears of Elysium

The Tears of Elysium are said to be the tears of joy from the gods, celestials and spirits that inhabit the Realms Beyond. Their essence of laughter and joy flowing through the rivers, streams and waterfalls creating the most divine and enchanting primal locations ever seen.   For the most knowledgeable and learned traveler this means physically visiting a place of supernatural wonder and beauty in the Realms Beyond. This means harvesting the Tears of Elysium from these places, removing a piece of their pure magic and decanting it. Even the act of explaining this diminishes the Tears by divine standards, yet just seeing or taking this celestial water is a milestone and can provide the drinker supernatural calm and joy. This substance is one of the only non-spell sources known to counteract the Rotting Fester. The substance is very rare and highly priced by healers, herbalists and wizards alike for its celestial origin and properties.    


  The liquid appears milky white with currents of gold woven through it. The liquid is slightly warm to the touch seeming to always produce its own internal heat. It also smells of sweet almond butter.    


  Because of its celestial origins from the Realms Beyond it is considered very rare. Easily the focus of a quest or adventure. It is also prized by hunters that track and destroy fiends and undead as the Tears burn like divine fire to the unholy abominations.      

Miracle or Magic

  The Tear of Elysium work very well on the Rotting Fester as certain spells and prayers of lower levels have no affect on the subject. A single dose of the Tears will cure the Rotting fester. Alchemists and mages can provide no explanation for the remedy properties of the Tears, while the priests simple refer to their faith and the will of their god as answer enough.  
Oh I know those chains alone would not hold me for long. However I assure your the runes inscribed on them will give us some quality time together. Do you know what this is? Its Tears of Elysium. Ya I'm not surprised you've never heard of it. This would have saved my sister, Isabella from the Rotting Plague you gave her. Oh still confused? You fed on my raven haired beautiful sister and passed her a disease you are not even aware of. Oh, but the Tears will not go to waste as they have another purpose. Do you hear that? The Sound of your unholy flesh sizzling.
— Brother, Edward von Thomas

D&D 5th Edition

  The Tears of Elysium may be considered Holy Water which causes 6d6 radiant damage to fiends or undead instead of the standard 2d6 radiant damage  

Rotting Fester

  The corruption known as the Rotting Fester is a highly contagious magical blight that cause physical deterioration over time.    

D&D 5th Edition

  • Contact with creature or object
  • Symptom Onset
  • 1d3 days
  • Effects
  • Maximum HP reduced by 10 (3d6) every 24 hours
  • May no longer regain HP
  • Cure
    Disease curing magic of 4th level or higher. Lower magic only suspends the disease for 1d3 days as if it has been cured.  
    Excerpt on Rotting Fester from Ptolus 5e Book for refence. Article over 300 word without excerpt.  

    Cover image: Waterfall at Daytime by Mike Lewis on Unsplash by


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    Grandmaster nnie
    Annie Stein
    19 Sep, 2021 12:05

    I love divine tears as a concept, and this is a great variation on it! The name itself is evocative, very fitting for an item people are willing to quest for.

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