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Exonas organ usage

A very bizarre and unexpected use of dead exonas zombies, irronicly the rotting organs of newly infected individuals seem to operate better than modern bionics, and the organic shells of the morphs are stronger than titansteel while causing no harm to the body.

Discovery and History

When blacklight was hired to help fight off the exonas invasion on dendroth there CEO asked them to bring back there dead corpses to be studied. Durring this time they found that the exa fungus constantly grew cybornetics on itself, Blacklight then sold this information to the AoHC as they had no interest in the medical applications. The AoHC started to autopsy other dead exonas in diffrent stages of infection and found that the hearts in early infected, despite being half rotten, still were pumping blood at full efficiency. the AoHC then decided to sterilize the exonas infected organs of the exa fungus, repair the rotting bits with surogate technology. They are now used in common medical treatments due to the organs being higher quallity than normal organs, and unable to be hacked like bionics


Exonas organs are used to help wounded civilians and millitary personel on exonas infected planets, sometimes though the organs of a newly infected exonas are stollen by civilians and sold illegaly on planets where the law is less enforced.
Blacklight Assembly of human colonies Dendroth
Access & Availability
Exonas organs are very common near exonas infected planets as newly infected are a more common sight, however farther away from infected planets the treatment isnt used very much due to them being further away and not needing them as much.

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