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Though not a traditional technology, the advancement of clerical healing has become a technology in itself. The clerics of Banshaw Edge have used the latest advancements and experiments from The Jade Guard Engineers to combine divine magic with artificer technology to create a technomantic construct. This construct in particular has been created to deal with the condition of Shattering, a rare but extremely fatal condition caused by becoming trapped inside of a mirror and the glass being shattered by a heavy object. The clerics and artificers have given the name Crystalliser to the technology as it fuses the person back together just like the crystallising of glass in manufacturing mirrors.   The process of getting trapped inside of a mirror is a complicated one and normally a rare situation. The most well known case of someone being trapped in a mirror actually occurred within The Shadowfell and stemmed from a magically trapped mirror that would absorb the person inside of it if they gazed upon their own reflection. Most cases of magical mirror entrapment stem from those of a vain disposition.   The Crystalliser was not discovered but in fact researched and created by two of the groups in Banshaw Edge, the clerics of Nalena, Goddess of Twilight and The Jade Guard Engineers. Seeing an issue with needing life-saving magic and not always having the power to perform it, they started searching into ways to combine their technology and magic to pave the way to speeding up and supporting the healing process. The Crystalliser was their first attempt at a technomantic construct.   The Crystalliser appears to look like a circular metal bracelet, made out of steel, that changes size depending on the wrist of the person through magical transmutation. It has divine runes written around the outside that translate from celestial into common as 'Crystallise'. When activated, the bracelet will create an abjuration field, shimmering in appearance, around the body of the wearer until the person has been healed successfully. This can range from ten minutes to ten days, depending on the severity of the Shattering.


The Crystalliser is used specifically to help the situation of Shattering. The technomantic construct is applied to the wrist of the sufferer and is activated by a channelling of divine magic from the High Cleric. This will then set off the spells that this construct has been created out of: Aura of Life, Death Ward, Greater Restoration and Heal.  It cannot be misused and will only work on this particular condition. It can be used up to three times per day as it needs to recharge with artificer energy overnight.


The creation of the Crystalliser relies on the ingenuity of the artificers and at the moment there is only one of these made. It involves connecting The Weave to technology as well as connecting it to the Arrasgoth Pantheon itself through divine intervention.
Access & Availability
Unique and only accessible to the High Cleric of Banshaw Edge, currently Elrris.
Extremely complex and requires a high knowledge of technology and magic to use.

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4 Jul, 2021 12:00

"you never think it'll happen to you but then along comes a Paladin with a great big sword and BAM your world is shattering down around you" quoted by Harlin Wyllt proof that the method works.

7 Jul, 2021 17:37

I mean, you're not wrong...

7 Jul, 2021 13:23

Shattering sounds extremely horrible... Luckily the Crystalliser was invented!

7 Jul, 2021 17:36

Thank you! It is extremely horrible for sure, and would definitely not recommend it as a way to get someone out of a mirror!