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Anti-Parasitic Concoction Treatment

Warning, please read!
This article talks about a parasitic infection. There are no images, only text. The descriptions are not disturbing for me and I did not write them with the intent of triggering the reader. If you think it may disturb you, I advice you go away
  The anti-parasitic concoction treatment is a recently developed cure for the śiukeźul, a lethal parasitic infection plaguing Remnava.   A now-infamous alchemist, Vlavok Bojar, developed it to make money and gain power exploiting the dangerous situation.   The treatment consists of ingesting a potion to detach the parasitic colonies from the stomach walls and then vomiting them.


Following the contamination of a Remanva water well, a previously unknown parasite began spreading among the city's population. Alchemists started looking for a cure, not out of humanitarian spirit, but to sell it for money and power. Living up to their awful reputation, they studied bodies of infected people (both dead and alive) to better understand how the parasite acted and find a way to treat the infection.   Vlavok was the first to find a cure with a very high chance of success. As of now, he claims he can treat anyone within the first week from the infection with guaranteed success, whilst a late diagnosis only has about a 60% chance of recovering.   Rumour has it, he succeeded in finding the cure by kidnapping people, purposedly infecting them, giving them his experimental potions, and cutting their stomachs open to watch the parasitic colony react to his concoctions.
Thank you for participating as a volunteer in my experimental cure for the śiukeźul! People of Remnava will most likely never know about your sacrifice, but even if they did, we both know they would not care anyway.   Just to be clear, I've already made you drink some infected water while you were unconscious. Now either you willingly help me by drinking this potion here, or you will painfully starve to death in a week or so. The choice is yours.
— Vlavok talking to a volunteer patient

The Process

The treatment consists of three to five steps.   Firstly, the patient drinks a special potion made out of secret ingredients. The mixture shatters the parasitic colonies into small pieces and makes them unable to attach to the stomach walls. It also contains a mild poison which makes the following part easier by giving severe cramps.   The patient sits in a chair now with their torso uncovered, while Vlavok carefully watches the contractions of their stomach increase. Once he decides it is time, usually after about twenty minutes, the second step begins. It consists of making the patient vomit the now unanchored parasite.   If the infection had been ongoing for more than a week, the first two steps are repeated in the same way, except that they will be much more uncomfortable. In this case, the therapy cost double since the patient requires two potions instead of one.   After the mixture-related part is over, the treatment goes to its last step, the final cleansing. The patient has to ingest another special potion that makes the stomach irritable. It will cause the patient to throw up as soon as they drink some water. Which is exactly what they have to do immediately after. Vlavok hands them a bottle filled with about half a litre of water.   He says final cleansing is necessary to clean the stomach from possible parasitic residual colonies. His detractors claim it is just for his own twisted entertainment. Whatever the case, most people are not willing to risk staying infected after the price they paid him to heal them.
Vlavok Bojar
Access & Availability
Anyone can access the treatment as long as they are willing to pay the price.
Once detected the right ingredients, the potion is easy to prepare with basic alchemy skills.

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