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Physical Therapy and Strength Training {WASC 2021}

After the great decimation of the fairies, many could not physically recover. Many succumb to sickness and disease due to their now weakened immune systems. Up the other aspect was the weakened frames of many fairies who relied on their magic to supplement their strength.   Some fairies did not succumb to the sicknesses if they had interacted with many humans and their diseases. Only those who associated with only other fairies got the sickest. Those who did not succumb to illness had a lot of muscle weakness. This atrophy manifested because the fairies relied on their innate power of magic that flowed through their bodies to move and do other simple tasks. Once the power was gone, the fairies had to rely on the muscles and physical prowess developed without magical means.   Some of the oldest of the fairies became bedridden due to their advanced age and their weak muscles. Some of the younger fairies did not want to spend their lives confined to a bed or wheelchair. They had seen the exercises that the soldiers had done in many different situations. They thought that if they could become strong as soldiers, they would continue to function.  
Note: Fairy soldiers did not succumb to weakness or illnesses due to the training of their muscles and their interaction with humans.
  An older man-at-arms of the Erdenfeuer royal family came to the embassy campus where the healthy but invalid were housed. He was a crusty old soldier who had the reputation of decimating the wills of soldiers but then building them into the soldiers they needed to be.   Some worried how he would interact with the younger and older fairies. Surprisingly, he was as gentle with the youth as he was brutal with the soldiers. This stark contrast gave him the nickname "the iron cornflower.


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