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Solution for the lack of appetite

Some of the Holy geese of the Temple of Sunset in Çarimbal (New Tower) had lost their appetite. This was horrible because the geese represent the gods will, and their lack of appetite symbolised the gods anger on the people. The augurs were afraid, because announcing the bad omens would risk them angering the King, who needed the gods' ultimate support behind him. If the augurs wouldn't figure out something, someone might soon end up loosing their head.   Stressed out one of the senior augurs, Elm sat down in the geese pen, and fell into pondering solutions to the matter. While he was not paying attention, one of the geese approached curiously. It sneaked up from behind, and grabbed his sandwich, which he had misplaced on the stone bench beside him. Elm was about to rush grabbing the food back, but stopped to observe. Maybe it's appetite was back? The goose started pecking the newly found treat curiously but eating the bread didn't seem to interest it too much. Elm sighed. Then some of the grilled pork filling fell out of the bread. The goose grabbed the meat, swallowed it straight away and honked exitedly. The other geese stopped what they were doing, looked at the first geese, and gathered all around the bread to feed on the meat.   after the surprising discovery that the geese enjoyed grilled pork, it became a special treat given to them every time they showed the signs of not eating in the wrong time. The special pork was always ordered from the same cook that the augur happeed to have bought their lunch from that faithful day.

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